A Cornish Hedge in Flower

3 A Cornish Hedge in Flower

Oil painting by Michael Strang

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The Welsh poet, R S Thomas, spoke of churches being a trap for god. But perhaps the whole world is a trap for god for one can imagine a divine presence pulsating in this web of rock, earth and flowers. I squeeze cadmiums, cobalts etc on to my palette, my hand hardly able to keep pace with the excitement my mind engenders. The cerulian/violet of the scabious so divine, the purple of foxglove so regal - one could go on ad infinitum. The colours dribble down the canvas creating a symphonic metaphor for the hedge while the butterflies and bees dance attendance by my easel.

RS Thomas said also that metaphor puts us in touch with god and I would agree with this remark, for I see all great art as nature imbued and united in paint with the essence of our spirituality and humanity realising the poet Rilke's dictum that great art puts us in touch with the cosmos. As I watch a red admiral flit from flower to flower I muse on the myriad ways creatures and insects experience reality in ways that our imaginations cannot fathom.

Thomas Hardy they know earth's secrets that know not I.
MJS - 1998